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Remembering Buddy Hanson

Today’s show is dedicated to the memory of  Buddy Hanson, a great man of God who lived from December 19, 1941-September 17, 2018. He was 76 years old when he died last week as a result of cardiac arrest. Ray reminisces about his friendship with Buddy, who...

Pastors & Moral Courage

Beware of socialist “Christian” leaders who are promoting the “Matthew 25 Declaration on Public Education.” The public school system is morally bankrupt and corrupting our children.  What is needed? The safe sanctuary of Christian schools and...

Why I Ran for Lt. Governor

In 2014, Ray ran for Lt. Governor of South Carolina, when a seat opened up. He saw this as an opportunity to give attention to our agenda of encouraging parents to remove their children from government schools, in favor of Christian education and homeschooling. Ray...