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The Puritans of New England | Ray Moore Live | 11.20.18

Why did the Pilgrims and Puritans come to America? They came for the glory of God and the propagation of the Christian faith. They were setting up a Christian nation.The pilgrims came to America to save their children from evil. They wanted their posterity to be...

Odyssey of Faith – Ray Moore Live – 11.13.18

This week’s program is the first of a two part series on the beginnings of America, especially the founding of Virginia from 1607. Today’s guest is Chris Evans who volunteers with the Foundation for American Christian Education. Chris is the author of the book...

Susan Blount’s Story

Today’s show is an interview with veteran homeschool mom, Susan Blount. She first began homeschooling in the early 1980’s, when most people did not know what homeschooling was. Ray's wife, Gail, hosts this show. The dynamic conversation between Susan and Gail is...