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Boots on the Ground, Part 2

Feb 5, 2019 | 0 comments


Today’s show is a discussion exploring tactics on how to use the New American magazine’s February 4, 2019 issue  “Rescuing Our Children”  special report on education, to help grow K12 Christian education and homeschooling.
We are preparing to battle for our children’s hearts, souls, and minds – – We’re His soldiers and our boots are marching towards victory!
The physical arena is controlled by the spiritual realm. We need to be seeking to govern social and political positions according to the Word of God.
On October 2, 2018, the Ray Moore Live show was on J. Gresham Machen, the world’s greatest theologian. He spoke about how important it is to stay engaged in the culture. Too many Christians refuse to get involved in politics and even speak out against it. Meanwhile, Christians are being discriminated against in great ways. The Church is being defeated in the short run, and we won’t make any progress until we get involved.
We need to rebuild our societies with Christian education and homeschooling. Temporal forces are  controlled by spiritual forces. And we are God’s army. We must stand against the evil. Ephesians 6 explains what we should be wearing – defensive as well as offensive weapons. The Gospel and the sword of the Spirit are offensive weapons. In conversations we are to give God’s Word, not just our opinions.
“Rescuing Our Children” edition is a powerful weapon, which we hope will have far reaching effect for years to come.
Paul, the Apostle, urged believers to pray without ceasing. We should have our own private spontaneous and meditative prayer times. Also, the family should be praying together. You can pray any time of day, about all things. Prayer doesn’t have to be formal. There is a place for that, when the Church comes together in corporate worship. But we can pray anytime. Pray for this magazine to have a powerful impact on leaders, family and society at large.
Frank Luntz says 58% of Millenials are socialists. The culture is radically shifting to the left. If we don’t get our children out, they will continue to be indoctrinated!
Kevin Swanson, interviewed on an audio podcast says that 70% of the genZers want socialism. That’s the largest generational trajectory of any issue in recent historoy. GenZers are falling in love with socialism. Why? They are ignorant of the truth. They have been told in schools socialism is the way to go. The churches will only talk about “love.”
Often, God works at the last hour. We need to keep educating people. Let’s also give as many magazines as we can to pastors, homeschoolers and Christian school administrators.
What can you do to get “Rescuing Our Children” Magazine out to the public? Please pray and act. Help us get the word out about Christian education and homeschooling.
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