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Children’s Lit with Debbie DeGroff | Ray Moore Live | 6.25.19

Jun 25, 2019 | 0 comments


Today on the Ray Moore Live show, Ray interviews Debbie DeGroff, one of America’s Christian conservative experts on children’s literature. From two years old through high school, Debbie exposes what changes have been made in children’s literature in the last 40 years. She gives examples with slides to match.

Ms. DeGroff will also discuss how Accelerated Reading programs used in public and Christian schools have lowered the reading levels, so that younger students are exposed to the profanity, sex, and filth that is so prevalent in books today (including Scholastic Books). Homeschooling parents will want to watch this as well, as she will expose how public libraries are adding to this debauchery.

She will give good advice on how parents can protect their children from the filth that publishing companies are making huge profits from.

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