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Christian Education with Alex Newman – Ray Moore Live – April 2, 2019

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On this week’s program, Chaplain Moore will be interviewing educator and award-winning international journalist Alex Newman, author of the best-selling book, Crimes of the Educators. Newman also wrote 7 articles in the special education issue of the New American Magazine, Rescuing our Children.

We recognize that calling for a mass exodus of children from government schools is still considered a radical proposal by some,” said Newman. “But as we show clearly in this Special Report, it is time for radical solutions to this existential crisis. Our country, our churches, our freedoms, and our families are all on the line. We must take urgent action – now.”

Good education is crucial in protecting our children and saving our nation. The globalists have hijacked public education. The wonderful alternatives that exist, are exciting.

Ray and Pat Marcum met with Alex Newman extensively in 2018, and discussed what should be next, to educate and promote Christian education. The vehicle for making a big difference in getting kids out of secular indoctrination centers called public schools, was the magazine edition which promotes Christian education. February 4, 2019 issue of New American magazine is devoted to education. Five articles outline what is wrong with the current state-run system, and five articles outline positive solutions. We need your help. Spread the word about the new February issue of New American Magazine. 

What should education actually be? What does God have to say about education? There are so many alternatives to public education, from homeschooling, Christian schools, online private schools, and more. Read New American Magazine’s February 2019 issue. This is an American freedom issue. Everyone who understands this and becomes active; working with organizations, leaders, Christians and pastors, needs to spread the word.

Pat Marcum, part of the inspiration of the education issue of New American Magazine, says, “Get involved with John Birch Society and other Christian groups who promote vigilance and diligence in education and every aspect of our lives. Get educated.

This corruption of our values and morals through public education didn’t happen by mistake. It was an evil agenda that happened over decades. If you care about our freedoms to proclaim the Word of God and be able to practice our faith, get involved. We will lose our freedoms, if we don’t stand up for them, now. The minds and hearts of children are becoming enslaved with globalistic, socialistic ideas.”

Gail Moore says, “Grandparents can homeschool, too.” They can help their children in this way.


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