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Episode REPLAY | Awakenings with Gail Moore | 4.16.2019

Apr 16, 2019 | 0 comments

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Ray Moore’s wife of 49 years, Gail, just returned from a Jamaica mission trip, where she spoke on Awakenings. She gives a marvelous history of revivals and awakenings throughout Christian history. Key to revival is “kindling” or setting the stage for God to move. Ray pointed out that God uses the remnant in communities, to faithfully prepare for a move of God.

Gail outlined some necessary factors in seeing God bring revival. Some think sinful society brings about God’s revival, but actually, the opposite is true. God is looking for the faithful ones, who are steadfast and seeking God’s righteousness, to set the stage for His glory. People who:

  1. Have good marriages
  2. Study Scripture
  3. Pray
  4. Have homes with Hospitality for the Brethren
  5. Teach Christian education

These things are all evident in the revivals of the past. Engaging in these important actions will make revival more probable in today’s culture.

Let us work and pray for the Lord’s revival to fall on our sinful nation, today.

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