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American Universities and Revivals | Ray Moore Live | 10.9.18

Oct 9, 2018 | 0 comments


Today’s show features a piece by Bill Federer on Revivals, Universities, and the Preaching of Jonathan Edwards. Many colleges and seminaries started as Christian institutions of higher learning. Scottish minister William Tennent migrated to PA in 1718 and together with his son, Gilbert Tennent, began the Log College in Pennsylvania in 1726. It was the first American Presbyterian theological seminary in North America. It led to the formation of the College of New Jersey. This college was later renamed Princeton University. In the mid-1700’s George Whitefield urged John Witherspoon to come to America from Scotland, and lead Princeton. Witherspoon answered the call and became Princeton University’s “revolutionary” president from 1768-1794.

Jonathan Edwards was an American-born theologian. He was a graduate of Yale, a very good evangelical college at that time. He entered Yale at 13 and graduated at 17.  In many places today, Edwards is considered the greatest native born American theologian. In 1737, Jonathan Edwards wrote: The latter part of Dec, the Spirit of God began extraordinarily working amongst us. A revival in America had broken out in America in 1737, which lasted for years.  Possibly, one million people got converted to Christianity, when Jonathan Edwards and Whitefield came along. George Whitefield preached 18,000 sermons, preaching every day – often multiple times a day. There was an explosion. The country repented and came to Christ. The impact was felt well into the American Revolution.

It seems that we’ve recently had a political revival, with the election of Donald J. Trump. This may be a sign that God is bringing a spiritual revival. Contact Ray Moore at: Support Ray Moore at:

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