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Getting Kids out of Public School – Ray Moore Live – 2.19.19

Feb 19, 2019 | 0 comments


In 1997 Gail and I started Frontline Ministries, focusing on getting children out of public schools. After twenty-two years, we are starting to get serious traction. We had been homeschooling since 1977. We knew, back then, that the public education system had become corrupted.

New American Magazine has a brand new special education edition, released February 4, 2019. This issue features ten articles showing what the public education has become, and giving positive solutions to the education dilemma. One article, “Christians Getting Out” is about our “Exodus Mandate” history and mission, in an interview form.

Please visit to order your copy of New American’s special February 2019 issue: “Rescuing Our Children.” Order multiple copies to give away.

For decades, the pro-family movement would not admit the schools were evil, and they thought we could fix them. Now, however, they are finally opening their eyes and admitting that public education is completely lost.

On February 11th Family Research Council hosted an education debate with Mary Hasson and Meg Kilgannon on the topic of the cost of public education in every way.
The ideas in the book, Get Out Now were defended by its author, Mary Rice Hasson, who is a lawyer, writer and scholar with Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. 

Meg Kilgannon, a mom from Northern Virginia provided another perspective at the debate. She says there’s too much public money on the table to just leave it to liberals to ruin our nation’s children.

We believe Mary Rice won the debate by asserting that the schools are corrupt and no longer worthy of our children’s attendance!

An important quote from the debate:

Every education choice bears a cost…
The cost of private schools can be a mountain of tuition dollars;
the cost of homeschooling includes time and lost income.
But the cost of public schools just might be your children’s souls.”

“The Call to Dunkirk” is a DVD we produced years ago. Bruce Short says that politics is shaped by culture. Voddie Baucham, Jr. says 14,000 hours are spent with children in school seats, from Kindergarten – twelfth grade. Why would we subject our children to all those hours of secular humanistic, anti-Christian teaching?!

“Dunkirk” and “Our Finest Hour” are two recent movies which are about ,or refer to, the account of Dunkirk in WW2. The Germans, in May and June 1940, was breaking through everywhere. But a miracle took place on the beaches of Dunkirk, Northern France, with common non-military people manning fishing and recreational vessels rescued Allied soldiers. It was an evacuation of thousands and thousands of soldiers. The Germans hesitated. They failed, and let the soldiers escape. And escape they did, with the help of their countrymen. Many say this was a miracle. God put it in the hearts of many men to use their own private vessels to save the day. That’s how God works. He calls us and we go. He is sovereign over the outcome. 

I say, “We need a Dunkirk moment, today!” Help our children get off those destructive pagan, humanist beaches called public schools. We can send you a copy of the Dunkirk DVD. Or visit “A Call to Dunkirk” to download and share on social media, plus emails to friends and family.

I was at a recent meeting with Alex Newman and about 350 Christian leaders. We passed out 150 copies of this New American magazine. I was a consultant to Alex in this issue of New American Magazine. Please get these resources, so we can help you educate your friends on why they need to remove their children from public schools.

Call or email us for resources: 803-714-1744

Visit or call 800-342-6491 to order your copies of New American Magazine.

Free market, private and Christian schools are the way to promote freedom of education.

Please order these resources, and help us educate others on Christian and home education.


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