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John MacArthur and the Culture War – Ray Moore Live – May 7, 2019

May 7, 2019 | 0 comments


Should Christians be involved in the culture war? John MacArthur says we are here to proclaim the gospel…

“I really couldn’t care less about the culture war. I wouldn’t give ten seconds to worrying about the culture war. What are you talking about? Two temporal opposing moral philosophies?”

But culture is an expression of what people believe. Henry Van Til said, “Culture is religion externalized.”

This is important, because it shapes who we are as a people. It results in actions that clash with our Christianity and secular humanism.

We cannot ignore the culture war. We are either changing it, or it is changing us.

The Bible is all about the culture war. The nature of religion is a standard of belief that differs from others.

Culture is upstream from politics and government.

(That is to say, our politics and government are a clear reflection of our culture)

Further, morality is upstream from culture.

(That is to say, our culture reflects the morality of our culture and communities).

Finally, Religion is upstream from morality….and upstream for culture, politics and government.

(That is to say, religion is foundational to all the others).

Paul Weyrich told me approximately ten years ago, “When conservatives and Christians win elections, they still lose because culture always trumps politics.”

We must fight in the culture war, to lead people to repentance. It is by preaching the whole gospel, including sin and grace, that we can change the culture, when the hearts of men are changed toward God.

Homeschoolers and Christian educating families can do this by raising godly seed. They are counter cultural. They are an example of godliness, as they follow Christ and live out their faith in the culture. Share today’s episode of Ray Moore Live with your friends. Give them good materials like New American Magazine’s education issue “Rescuing Our Children.



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