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Losing Faith: Why the Church is being Abandoned

Aug 14, 2018 | 0 comments

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Ray talked today about the decline of church attendance in South Carolina.

Today’s show is based on a newspaper article in a South Carolina newspaper that was published on Saturday.

Ray showed a picture of a church building that had an active congregation since 1743.  It recently closed.  It was started by German immigrants before the revolutionary war.  Francis Asbury preached at this church during the revolutionary war period, in 1791.  George Washington toured through South Carolina that same year.  The church operated for 274 years.  There were only 4 older folks left in the church when they decided to close it.

The Southern Baptists have lost 100,000 members since 2012.  This is true even though the south is greatly influenced by this historic American protestant denomination.

Ray was raised in the Southern Baptist denomination.  It was a good experience.

Ray discussed an article by Ken Hamm on church attendance.

Ray suggested that the teaching in the church isn’t comprehensive and truthful enough to sustain the faith.  This is especially visible among millennials.  The popularity of homosexuality and evolution is undermining the faith.

The churches are the core.  We ought to be what is good and right about the nation.

The show was interrupted by Virginia from Michigan.  She asked Ray about home education.  Virginia is a mother who is homeschooling.

Ray talked about the Salt and Light Syndrome.  Being salt and light does not mean that Christians should put their children in public schools.  Christian leadership abuse this idea in scripture as an excuse not to provide a Christian education to Christian children.

Ray pointed out that 80 percent of public school educated young people abandon Christianity.  93 percent of homeschooled kids stay committed to their Christianity.

Ray talked about being 73 years old and having unspeakable joy because his children are in the faith.

Jared asked about wives who want to homeschool but who are married to men who want their children in public school.  Ray advised that wives in this situation pray about the situation.

Matthew 16:18

Jesus said I will build my church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.

This passage does not teach that we are on defense.  It teaches that we are on the offense.  We are on offense going up against the gates of Hades.  They will not prevail against the church.

The problem with the churches in South Carolina is that they are not reaching out.  They are not aggressive.  Wherever the church is on offense it is winning.

We are losing in Europe because the church is on defense.  The church isn’t active.  In London there are 1500 Muslim schools.  The “Christians” send their kids to pagan public schools.

We must repent, reform, renew and revive.

Acts 2:41-42

These are the essential characteristics of a church.

First is evangelism.  Then they continued in the Apostles doctrine and fellowship.  There was consistent teaching of the scriptures.  A true church practices the ordinances of the church.  Lastly a church participates in prayer.

When these essential things are happening there will be growth.

This model is superior to the entertainment model.  Great preaching, evangelism and prayer is what builds a church.  Not entertainment.

Ray mentioned an Indian pastor years ago who observed that American church have no prayer and no power.  We must avoid faddism.

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