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Pastors & Moral Courage | Ray Moore Live | 9.18.18

Sep 18, 2018 | 0 comments

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Beware of socialist “Christian” leaders who are promoting the “Matthew 25 Declaration on Public Education.” The public school system is morally bankrupt and corrupting our children.  What is needed? The safe sanctuary of Christian schools and homeschooling.

We’ve got to speak to the 21% of the pastors who understand the importance of getting the children saved from the evil public schools. If we could get 30% of Christian pastors to promote and offer Christian education in their churches, we could help many  communities and families.

Hireling pastors are just taking a paycheck. They flee when the wolf comes. But a true shepherd will lay his life down for the sheep. Many conservative pastors will not step up until they are shamed into doing so. Urge pastors to start Christian schools in their empty church buildings on weekdays.

And if your pastor’s wife works at the public school, ask him, “Why don’t you just let your wife work at the Planned Parenthood?” What’s the difference? The public schools are killing the souls of the children, just as Planned Parenthood is killing babies’ bodies in the womb.

Warn your pastor that if he isn’t going to step up and do something about Christian education for his flock, you’re going to leave the church.

It’s past time to leave the morally corrupt public schools. Act today!

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