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Political Correctness with Richard Hawkins | Ray Moore Live | 8.20.19

Aug 21, 2019 | 0 comments


Today’s show features special guest, Richard W. Hawkins, who wrote the Foreword and helped edit the book,¬†POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: A Deceptive and Dangerous Worldview, published by the Nehemiah Institute. “This book provides the historical background of the Political Correctness of our day. It also provides the armor for you to contend for Truth and stand against the schemes of the devil. What does this book¬† have to do with believers? My answer is, everything. Political Correctness is an innocent sounding term used for a tyrannical worldview called by various names such as neo-Marxism, transitional Marxism and culture Marxism. This worldview is pervasive in our homes, in many churches, in most of our media, in K-20 education, in business and the local, state and national governments. It constitutes a vicious spiritual war that few believers have been prepared to fight.” – Richard W. Hawkins

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