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Ray Moore Live | 7.25.2018

Jul 25, 2018 | 0 comments

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Ray Moore, the leader of Exodus Mandate, continues his three part series on currency in today’s thirty minute LIVE show.

Acknowledging that Donald Trump, as good as he is, is choosing to ignore the deficit Moore highlights the high probability of a financial crisis in the future.  Harry Dent is predicting a severe downturn.  Moore also cites a credible swiss economist who was interviewed by Greg Hunter.  This expert predicts a severe downturn in the stock market this fall.

“We want to prepare our viewership,”  said Moore.  “Tough times are very likely coming to America.”

Continuing to discuss the swiss economist Moore points out that he provides gold and silver to very wealthy individuals around the world.  His wealthy investors are putting up to thirty percent of their assets into gold.

Moore advised that “people like me (who aren’t wealthy) need to put a few thousand dollars into gold or silver coins as disaster preparedness.”

The interview that Hunter did with the swiss economist is on

Moore gave his strong endorsement to the website .  This website is operated by an evangelical Christian who is a friend of Moores.  This is a good source for small amounts of gold and silver.  Ray said he has dealt with this website for over twenty years.  Franklin Sanders is the man behind this website.

“There’s a lot of con artists in this marketplace,”  acknowledged Moore.  “Folks need to be really careful purchasing gold and silver.”

The discussion turned to a webpage on that listed the Ten Commandments of investing in gold and silver.

The Ten Commandments recommend buying silver first, then Gold.  Silver is the poor man’s gold.

Ray Moore doesn’t get a commission from Sanders.  Moore suggested that buyers of gold and silver should use his name when they contact Sander.  “It might smooth way a bit,”  said Moore.

At this point in the program Moore turned to Edwin Viera’s book entitled “Pieces of Eight.”

Pointing out that Viera has two Harvard degrees Moore declared that “Dr. Viera is one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever met.”

Referring back to yesterday’s program Moore talked about how the first government of the US was intentionally weak under the Articles of Confederation.  The Founding Fathers hated paper money.

Roger Sherman is the only founding father who signed all four of the founding documents of the United States.  He had Article One Section Ten inserted.  “No state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.”




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