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Remembering Buddy Hanson | Ray Moore Live | 9.25.18

Sep 25, 2018 | 1 comment

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Today’s show is dedicated to the memory of  Buddy Hanson, a great man of God who lived from December 19, 1941-September 17, 2018. He was 76 years old when he died last week as a result of cardiac arrest.

Ray reminisces about his friendship with Buddy, who was just one year older than Ray.

Buddy said, “My complaint about the Reformed community – very good at describing the issues, but weak at prescribing God’s solutions!” 

He also was known to say, “Thank God it’s Monday!” Buddy Hanson said we need to go into the week, after Sunday, ready to take on the world for Christ.

Martin G. Selbrede’s piece “Remembering Buddy Hanson,” gives a wonderful overview of Buddy’s life.

Here is an exerpt:
Those who knew Buddy Hanson realize exactly how much we all have lost by his departure to be with the Lord. Buddy was one of a very tiny handful of Christians who took the nuts and bolts of the faith so seriously that he was willing to dedicate his life to teaching them to others. In that regard, Buddy was the polar opposite of the ivory tower type of theologian. To extend that analogy, he forged tools to build exercise equipment he’d put in the weight room he designed for coaching his fellow Christians to become ever stronger in His service.”

…Buddy became a professional baseball player in college, for the Cleveland Indians, but

Buddy would much rather be remembered for his accomplishments later in life. He became a Christian in his early 30’s, and completely changed his priorities. He became interested in theology, and how to make it applicable and understandable. His family rarely ever saw him without a Bible or some other Christian book, a notebook, and a pen in his hand. He wrote constantly, which he said helped him to learn, and he would eventually author 10 published books, and numerous unpublished manuscripts, each on applying Christianity to our daily lives.

Find Buddy Hanson’s books online at

Titles include: Thy Will Be Done on Earth; Bottom Line Theology; God’s Ten Words; Un-Quo The Status; Exit Strategy: A Handbook to Exponentially Improve Your Service for God; Choose This Day: God’s Instructions on How to Select Leaders; How to de-Program Yourself from All of the Blasphemous Ideas You learned in Public School; and Making Your Daily READS.

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