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Boots on the Ground, Part 1

Jan 29, 2019 | 0 comments


New American Magazine published by the John Birch Society, has published a special education issue (February 2019) that deals with the sexual corruption of young students in public schools. It also features articles on how to positively restore education in America.

The insanity of the classroom is causing the students to fail. Students are graduating without basic math, reading, writing skills. Not to mention the sexual corruption they are being indoctrinated into. Globalism and sexual deviancy are the propaganda being pushed in public schools. Public schools have become globalist propaganda machines.

We must educate and inform our pastors, church friends, family and neighbors. Order multiple copies of this special “Rescue our Children” issue of New American magazine, today.  Share with everyone you know, who will listen to the truth about American education, and how to fix it.


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