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Social Justice Agenda – Ray Moore Live – 5.28.19

May 28, 2019 | 0 comments


On today’s program Ray speaks on the Social Justice agenda/socialism, which is capturing today’s youth, even Christian youth. Frank Luntz, Fox News commentator and pollster reported in Oct 2018 that 58% of Millennials are now “self-described socialists.” Some surveys report that 43% of the US population favors socialism over capitalism and that 61% of our youth now favor socialism. These are dire times and we need to know how to respond biblically to this growing threat.

Definition of socialism – government ownership of services, property and means of production, whereas capitalism allows for private ownership of property and creation of wealth so that it can be invested to grow more wealth and jobs.


Socialism tries to guarantee equal distribution of wealth and equal outcomes for all but a just society can only guarantee the equality of opportunity not that all outcomes will be the same. In a free-market or capitalist society there will inevitably be unequal  outcomes due to different talents and abilities. Utopia is an impossibility.


Exodus 20:3-17 lists 10 Commandments that govern and lay out God’s Law for mankind.


The 8th Commandment is against stealing, which denotes the right of private ownership of property.


10th Commandment is against coveting which also denotes desiring property of others. One needs to be content with one’s own property.


Some antinomian evangelicals claim 10 Commandments are not for today or for society, and that we are under grace, not law.


See 1 Timothy 1: 8-11. The law does not save; we are saved by faith through grace, (Ephesians 2:8-10) but law has role in society and is a school master to bring us to Christ.


Most recent example of utter failure of socialism is at our door step with Venezuela.

Townhall’s May 28 article by Matt Vespa is entitled “Total Disaster: Venezuela’s Failed Socialist Experiment Produces Worst Collapse in Nearly 50 Years.
Sad example of a Christian family and their children adopting social justice/socialism agenda. Social Justice agenda or socialism is permeating some evangelical colleges and Seminaries.
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