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Social Justice and K-12 Christian Education| Ray Moore Live | 10.22.19

Oct 21, 2019 | 0 comments


 In the first event of its kind, Stand Against Marxism Conference, leaders from across American Christendom met in Des Moines, Iowa, on Oct. 18 & 19th, to oppose the heretical Social Justice (SJ) movement. Ray was one of the guest speakers.

SJ is encroaching on evangelicalism in a big fashion.  The SJ movement is making strides among Southern Baptists and PCA Presbyterians due to the malign influences of Russell Moore, Al Mohler, and Tim Keller.   What is happening in your area and church?   You should check it out.  SJ agenda is coming to you and your colleagues.  

As Gandalf said in the Lord of the Rings, “War is determined against you whether you want it or not.”  “Social Justice” is simply the newest term for the old “social gospel,” and in more recent decades, “Liberation Theology.” 

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