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Statism | Ray Moore Live | 7.17.18

Jul 24, 2018 | 0 comments

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Statism – the state is absolutely supreme. It would be like in the time of King James, 1600,  the Stuarts were supreme.

It’s working in the education realm, now. How can it be that Christians who pray, tithe, witness, but still send their children to these statist, godless, pagan public schools. This is such a contradiction.

The State doesn’t have the right to educate children. We’ve bought into the statism lie or deception. I highly. Where did the binding vice-like grip over people’s minds, come from? Where Statism is so important?

It started back to the 1880’s and 1892, the origins of statism. 2nd paragraph of Legacy of Education article, that the pledge of allegiance to the United States, can take the place of our pledge to God.


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