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Thanksgiving | Ray Moore LIVE | 11.26.2019

Nov 26, 2019 | 0 comments


Chaplain Moore continues to discuss the Social Justice movement in the U.S.  He interviews B. Nathaniel  “Bev” Sullivan, writer and editor with over 22 years of experience in Christian education and Christian publishing. A keen observer of cultural events and trends, he has been writing about these from a biblical perspective and posting his thoughts at since April of 2015. We discuss his booklet entitled “Five Ways Social Justice Stands in Opposition to Authentic Biblical Justice.”

Nathaniel shares, “Unfortunately, Christians often are squeamish – or at least less than confident, with regard to the truth about a great many subjects today and hot button issues. We must be loving, yes; but we also need to see that it’s impossible to love authentically without upholding the truth. To uphold it effectively, we must know it and understand it.”


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