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The Privilege of Prayer | Ray Moore Live | 10.30.18

Oct 30, 2018 | 0 comments

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We have an important midterm election coming up on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Today, we will look at prayer, and how we are to pray as the election approaches. What is the Christian’s role politically?

1 Timothy 2 tells us our first responsibility is to pray.

I. High priority for prayers for civil magistrates
2. Society’s peace and tranquility dependent upon good government
3. It is “good and acceptable to God” for peace and tranquility in society
4. Gospel advances best when there is peace and tranquility in society.
5. Content of the saving Gospel to be maintained.

Many of our leaders are very lonely, and desperate for prayer. We need to seriously pray for our leaders.  Let us pray for next week’s election – that God will allow success to those who desire peace and tranquility.

We need to pray for culture, education and families, also.

God instructs us to participate in His mighty acts through prayer. Daniel 9 is a great example of power in prayer. We are to ask God to do things we know are His will.

We have an opportunity to pray effectively for God’s will. What a privilege to pray to the God of all creation.

The newly elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is what some call the Trump of Brazil. Evangelical Christians came out in droves to vote him into office.

We need to also pray for China, where there are millions of Christians in the underground Church. The government should not be concerned about Christians. They are honorable, don’t lie or steal. Foreign governments should welcome Christians, because things are better when Christians are strengthening a society by being honorable leaders in their communities.

1 John 5 contains one of the best promises in the Bible regarding prayer! If we ask anything according to God’s will, God hears us! That should inspire us to pray without ceasing.

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