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Truth Has Fallen in the Street with Jay Jusino

Jan 8, 2019 | 0 comments

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Today’s guest is Jay Jusino, an experienced teacher and author who wrote the book  “Truth is Fallen in the Street – Examining the Pedagogy of Christian Teachers in Public Schools.”

Jay teaches in an American Christian school which includes international students. Over 300 students attend, from America and around the world, including atheist, Communist backgrounds. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach truth to these non-religious students.

The thesis of Jay’s book “Truth is Fallen in the Street,” is that knowledge is standard-based. We have to have standards to have knowledge that is real and lasting. If this is true, public school teachers are called to instruct and impart true knowledge. Where does that knowledge come from and where is it going ?

As Christians, we believe that God is omniscient. God is all-knowing as the Creator of all things.God’s truth is the most important if He is the Giver of knowledge. This is critical in how, when, where and why we educate our children.

The challenge of the book is that we must discuss God’s origin and purpose for mankind, in the classroom. Otherwise, we are only teaching the students partial truth. For example, where does the origin of history come from? If it is God, it is important to teach history courses with God at the center. In public schools teachers, even Christian teachers, are not allowed to do this.

Many Christian families still have their children in secular humanist public government schools. God is the center of the universe and very important in these teachers’ lives, and yet they are muzzled, when it comes to sharing the truth of who God is, in the classroom.

Jay’s new book opens up a new front in the war for the culture, family and churches. This front deals with the Christian teachers still in the public schools. Often, teachers cannot be effective for the Gospel, or explicit about God in the classroom. They have to be incognito, or risk their careers. 

Today, Christians justify going to the public school by identifying with other Christians who also attend there. The problem is that the Christians in the schools are silent in the public schools. So, the Left takes over. Many parents don’t realize their responsibility to educate their own children.

What should we tell teachers? Tell them to talk about God, and use the Word of God in your teaching. And use the name of Jesus in the classroom. There is power in the name of Jesus. If you’re not going to teach where knowledge comes from, according to the truth of Scripture, then leave the public school. The truth is non-negotiable. If Christian teachers are not teaching the truth, get out, and do the job you were meant to do in a Christian setting – a Christian school, or home school setting.

It is risky to speak out in the public school as a Christian. But some have done so, courageously. Teachers struggle with coming out of the government schools, because they say we are to obey governing authorities. People falsely understand Romans 13 on this topic. There is little historic evidence that we are to obey evil ruling governments. Romans 13 itself says that government is God’s servant.

In the public school creationism is outlawed because it is “religion.” Whereas, evolution is secular. Teaching both is ideal, to show both sides of the argument. As Christians, we are to teach our children the Creation account biblically, but also make them aware of the evolution argument, as well. We are to teach them how to confront the theory of evolution with knowledgeable facts.

Colossians 1:18 – Christ is supreme in all things.
Colossians 1:28 – Proclaim Jesus, presenting every man complete in Christ.

The education system is not allowing the name of Christ to be preached in the public school. The Christians say they are there to be a light, but instead, they have duct tape over their mouths, or choose not to speak about Jesus in the public schools.

Christian colleges are sending Christian teachers to public schools where they are being ground up by the powerful, Leftist education system. Why aren’t the Christian colleges examining what has happened to those teachers? It’s as if they’re just pushing teachers into public schools, without any thought of what is happening once they are out in the world.  Why aren’t they sending their brightest and best Christian teachers into Christian schools?

Romans 1 says that God’s divine nature is made known to all men, so they are without excuse. Nature itself, the heavens declare the glory of God. Inanimate nature declares God’s glory, but the average Christian is not even willing to do so because of fear of losing their jobs.

One of the reasons Christians do not exit the public schools is because they don’t believe they can afford to teach at smaller Christian schools. They are afraid they will lose their benefits and higher pay. The breadwinners of the family cannot see how they can afford to leave the large educational system.

But in Matthew 6:33, Jesus said to seek first the kingdom of God, and all His righteousness. Then, all these other things will be added unto us.  We need to trust our great God to provide all our needs, as we submit to His truth and proclaim it boldly. 

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